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Demetri Martin is Vincent Chase

September 25, 2010

Hey. Remember in Entourage when Vince was going to reclaim his career after the disastrous Medellin with a decent role opposite Edward Norton in Smoke Jumpers, only to have the plug pulled by the studio. It seemed like Vince would never get back on his feet, but Martin Scorsese ends up seeing his Smoke Jumpers footage and casts him as the lead in The Great Gatsby, effectively relaunching his career? Demetri Martin’s a little like Vince. In his latest interview with New York Magazine, Demetri describes how a role opposite Brad Pitt in Moneyball ended up being pulled out from underneath him, but has possibly led to his new role in Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion.

In addition to his role in Contagion (a scientist), Demetri has more information about his new book, now called This is a Book and due out in April 2011:

I finished a first draft. I’m meeting with my editor tomorrow, and we’re going to go through it, and it comes out in April. It’s called This Is a Book by Demetri Martin. I don’t know if Demetri Martin is part of the title or what, but, it’s almost like old Woody Allen novels like Without Feathers or Side Effects, or like Pure Drivel by Steve Martin. I wrote some scenes, some poems, one-liners, and drawings that are almost like scripts, short stories, things like the robot test, weird forms like that

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