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Demetri Martin hates politics

October 30, 2010

Email interviews always run the risk of trapping the interviewee into a subject which he doesn’t want to discuss, and puts the interviewer in a situation where he can’t switch topics to something less awkward. You go with a safe bet, a comedian who has every reason to respond to political questions, having done several segments on a political show (The Daily Show, of course) and even interned at the White House. But as it turns out, they have no interest whatsoever in politics! So what do you do with an interview that runs counter to your blog’s theme of the week? You already scored a discussion with a celebrity, and it would (probably) bring in some clicks, so you might as well just print it.

I am, in fact, referring to this interview with DigBoston. It reaches levels of awkward on par with a bit from The Office. To compound the awkward, it advertises Demetri’s Boston show, but a day after the show occurred. Maybe this is an opportunity for Jerry Pappas: Time Gigolo?

Anyway, when Demetri says he’s “not interested” in politics, he means he’s really not interested in politics, to the point of insulting politicians on multiple occasions using some really choice wordage. I suspect a politician ran over a puppy in front of him and laughed at his tears as a child.

Please do exercise your rights as an American this midterm election by punching your local corrupt, power-hungry, self-interested, lying narcissistic politician in the face.

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  1. matt permalink
    November 16, 2010 11:03 am


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