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Demetri Martin finally gets twitter

December 2, 2010

It’s like I’m psychic: Demetri Martin finally has a twitter. You can follow him @DemetriMartin.

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  1. John Rinaldi permalink
    December 11, 2010 7:41 pm

    Disappointed to hear that Demetri Martin will not be doing anymore seasons of “IMPORTANT THINGS” on comedy central. Outside of the Daily Show, Colbert Report, and South Park, “IMPORTANT THINGS WITH DEMETRI MARTIN” was the best of C.C. I would venture to say that Demetri Martin is one of the very best comedy artists on this tv station. He is highly imaginative, intelligent and likeable. Besides these qualities he is also multi-talented and invites the viewer to be a “pal” as opposed to so many comics who are overly manic and somewhat self obsessed. DM makes the viewer feel like they are meeting a new friend and you hope to get to know him better. Keep going Demetri! I look forward to seeing how your career goes forward and thanks for sharing all the laughs.
    Go Buddy! John NYC aka Changojoni

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