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Even more Demetri Martin Take Me Home Tonight stuff

March 4, 2011

Demetri Martin and Topher Grace interviewed at 95.5’s Mojo in the Morning in Detroit. The whole video is very enjoyable and ranges from Demetri using “idea paint” to Topher issuing an ultimatum to Shannon’s boyfriend, to little kids sneaking off to watch Important Things.

Just a few more bits and bobs from the Take Me Home Tonight media extravaganza:

Fox Detroit has a video interview with Demetri and Topher Grace for their upcoming film, Take Me Home Tonight. They discuss the film, of course, but mention that the DVD will have outtakes of Demetri, and sounds hilarious.

There’s a pretty lengthy text interview with The Oakland Post. Demetri talks industrial design, a story about him in a gorilla suit, and borrowing twenty bucks.

Red Eye Chicago has a great video interview, with some transcribed and expanded on in the article itself. Topher Grace and Demetri talk about being geeks in the 80s, and checking out boobs.

I definitely have found this, and maybe you guys [have] too, there [are] certain things that you might be interested in and you’re excited about them when you’re young and then you share those with other people and it just stops conversation. You’re like connecting with people and then you’ll be like, “You know, that’s a palindrome by the way.” And you just get blank stares and you’re like, “Note to self: Don’t share that with people.”

The stars talk 80s movies in this Metro Times interview.

I almost outsmarted myself with my TV show. At first, I wanted to do little music bits. And then the interstitial stuff. And do some art. And write as much as I can … and it was like 80-something
hours a week. It’s like walking into a candy store and they say you can eat anything you want but you have just 10 minutes. And then it’s like ugh, what did I just do?

Topher Grace and I agree that “Don’t Come Around Here No More” is the most bizarre music video ever when you’re a kid in this MovieRetriever interview. Demetri discusses his roots, and improvising for the movie.

When we shot this scene, I got to do the line and Topher said, “Improvise.” There was a bunch of different stuff. On that day we were like “What will work and what is reality?” I remember when I first did ADR [automated dialogue replacement] you know when you fix some of the audio where there’s noise in the background and you are kind of listening to yourself, and … my reaction to [Topher] was like, “Cool, thanks. I think that’s a funny scene.” I like your reaction because you [Topher] are allowing it, that’s what finishes it. Without that, it’s just some guy acting kind of crazy.

The movie is out TODAY so go see it!

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