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Beck Interviews Demetri Martin, and More

March 10, 2011

I think what I enjoy so much about Beck’s interview with Demetri Martin (Beck, like the music guy) is that it’s basically two people making cultural references that the other doesn’t understand for nearly the entire interview. Neither person strikes me as someone who watches a lot of current television or is up on all the trendiest stuff, so for them to reach into their pockets of shared knowledge involves going back a couple decades: We have Just Shoot Me, Magnum P.I., and Richard Feynman, to name a few. And yet, there’s an elevated level of discourse that they probably both enjoyed.

Up next is a long, but informative interview with Moviefone. These days, he’s learning to sing, reading non-fiction, and rewriting his CBS pilot script. There’s no update on his upcoming movie, “Will.”

The dream is to have it so that your schedule just works out like, “Cool, cool. I can go do this movie. Okay, now that’s done. Now I can do a tour. Okay, I’m going to work on this book now for a while. Then, I’ll do this other thing.” Just to keep cycling around, because then everything remains interesting and feels new when you go back to it. Even though I think they’re all clearly challenging. It’s not like doing one isn’t enough, it’s more that there’s a cross-fertilization that happens when you can move between them because you learn stuff and you can bring it from one arena to the other.

Demetri talks This Is A Book and stolen jokes in this interview with Phillips & Company.

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