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Demetri Martin’s CBS show not happening

March 11, 2011

I have another long and interesting interview for you Demetri Martin fans. Playback:STL talked with Demetri about a lot of upcoming projects. The hardest part about this interview is the lack of identifiers for when the interviewer is speaking, so keep that in mind when you read.

Unfortunately, the latest update on his blind script deal with CBS is that they’re not going to shoot the pilot he wrote.

Now that the sting of that information is over, let’s review the rest:

  • This Is A Book is going to be about 300 pages. I might actually order it now.
  • Demetri says he still can’t figure out what’s going to be funny to people, and tries out new jokes on audiences. Maybe he’s reading replies to his twitter updates to see what works? It could explain the higher level of mean-spirited jokes that I see there. It also makes me want to take a red pen to his twitter feed, crossing out the ones that don’t work, and handing him back the results. I think I’ve seen the vast majority of his projects now. I’d like to think I’m some kind of expert in the field.
  • Demetri doesn’t like snark. Which is sad, considering that his Paper Heart “interview” is one of the funniest moments I’ve seen from him.
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