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To the First 500 People to preorder This Is A Book

April 25, 2011

I can’t believe I’m writing this entry, but enough of you are asking and posting negative reviews of This Is A Book based solely on this misunderstanding, so here goes:

Were you one of the first 500 people to preorder This Is A Book?
Did you email your receipt to the correct email address within a day or two of the announcement going up? Did you get an email confirmation that you were one of the first 500? Then probably not. Not everyone who preordered the book is entitled to receive a drawing.

Got your book, but it didn’t come with a drawing, and you’re pretty sure you were one of the first 500?
The books DID NOT SHIP WITH THE DRAWING. There is absolutely no way the books could have shipped from Amazon’s warehouse with your drawing in it. The books weren’t supposed to be shipped two weeks early, so the expected ship date of your drawing (if you’re SURE you get one) is April 25th, the original release date of the book. So you could get your drawing as late as two or three weeks after you actually receive your book.

Applied for the “Dinner with Demetri” contest?
Anyone who applied for “Dinner with Demetri” should be getting a signed bookplate, which is NOT the same as an original drawing. It also ships separately from your book.

Please stop taking points off your reviews of the book because your copy didn’t have a drawing inside of it! It’s either on the way or you didn’t get your receipt in on time. Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Demetri Martin. I’m just observant.

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