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Demetri Martin “This Is A Book” Excerpts

May 4, 2011

Considering buying Demetri Martin’s first book, This Is A Book, but need some convincing? I’ve compiled a bunch of links to sites with free excerpts from his book. I would just repost them all here, but I’ve sent out enough DMCA notices to know better, so enjoy:

Here’s a video with the process of making the cover image [MOV] I’ve read that Demetri designed the cover himself.

The opening section called “Announcements” can be found here, presented by NPR.

The New Yorker posted the entire essay from the section called “Who Am I?”

Vanity Fair’s Writers Reading podcast has Demetri himself reading the section called “Dad,” about a man who was raised by a guy raised by wolves here. It’s pretty long, so settle in.

Esquire posted the section called “My Diet,” about Demetri’s foray into the different levels of vegetarianism here.

Funny Or Die has some great charts and graphs from the book if you love Demetri’s Large Pad.

One rogue fan posted some videos of Demetri reading from his book at his appearance in Austin:

The University Book Store in Seattle has some excerpts from a few different sections: “Palindromes for Specific Occasions,” “Optimist, Pessimist, Contortionist,” and “Protagonist’s Hospital.”

And finally, you can get a peek at the book itself from Amazon’s page if you click on the picture of the cover, or the link below it that says “Search inside this book.”

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