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Endless Demetri Martin “This Is A Book” Interviews

May 10, 2011

Hungry for interviews from Demetri Martin about his first (and best) book, This Is A Book? Well you’re in luck, because Demetri has been doing possibly 4 million interviews a day or more, according to my now constantly-updated Interviews page. I’ve read so many that I stopped weeping every time an intrepid young reporter named the interview “This Is An Interview” or something equally as clever that starts with “This Is.” I ran out of tears. Here’s some of the highlights:

First, Demetri Martin was on Conan last night for a very funny interview where he discusses the boyfriend bomb, presents some of his drawings, and shows an action-packed clip of his book. He seemed more energetic than usual, which is a nice change. He then calls out a girl in the audience, and in case you were wondering about Demetri’s relationship status, I can kill two birds with one stone and tell you that the girl was, in fact, his girlfriend.

I want to insert this amazingly awkward interview right here because it is truly something to behold. It starts with one of the hosts walking Demetri through the set, to where another host and a crazy woman are waiting, to compliment him on his “Jason Schwartzman hair.” They make him explain his piece called “Socrates’ Publicist,” which is very anti-publicist, to an audience that largely lives in LA, while Demetri tries to water it down because his own publicist is waiting for him backstage. He unsuccessfully does so, because one of his hosts very forcefully tries to get Demetri Martin to stay on topic throughout the whole thing. It’s really a wonderful video and my description does it no justice. Just watch.

Next is a shocking interview from New Haven Advocate where Demetri says he doesn’t like his “If I” show that’s on youtube. Ironically, I probably wouldn’t enjoy his stand-up as much if I hadn’t watched it, and I’m willing to guess there are more than a few fans that feel the same way.

There’s tons of new information in this interview from Gothamist. Not only is he working on a NEW TV special, but possibly more movie ideas.

Tough news for me, Demetri says he doesn’t look himself up on the internet anymore. I can sympathize however; people are very unnecessarily cruel for the sake of being a “critic.”

Demetri wants to settle down and have a family? He mentions it in this video interview with ABC. He says it again in my submission for Best Interview for his book tour so far. They ask a lot of unique questions. I had to look up what a Caprese sandwich is.

NPR has an exciting interview where they force Demetri to play a trivia game about another comedian. You’ll have to listen to find out if he wins. Or just read the transcript, if you want to be clever about it.

Ross and Burbank at 97.3 Kiro FM gave me a surprise in this interview by mentioning my site, confusing it for Demetri’s official site. Thanks for the shout-out! I still consider myself the premier source for all things Demetri, so he wasn’t too far off base. Demetri goes on to give a really accurate description of why Twitter is terrible but necessary.

And finally, Dinner Party Download has a very short but quality interview (it starts over halfway in if you want to skip ahead). For future reference, don’t ask Demetri Martin how long he’s had his food allergies (he’s allergic to basically everything that tastes good), and you might be surprised to know that he’s a machine.

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