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Demetri Martin Tour Update #2 – Videos

May 15, 2011

Demetri Martin’s book tour is over, but there’s a treasure trove of videos if you want to relive (or live) the experience. See my first update with fan photos here.

Nice, high-quality video of his Harvard Coop visit. He tells the story of the “word of the day” game he played in college.

This appears to be the entirety of the Books Inc. appearance in San Francisco. It’s audio only and quite long, over an hour. The questions are pretty decent, and there’s some new information. For example, after the book tour is over, Demetri is going to try to have a movie written by July (or an idea, or treatment, whatever). And he likes Cat Stevens, but mostly listens to the Beatles. You can watch an actual video of the Books Inc. appearance here, but it’s split up into 7 parts.

Demetri’s appearance at Powell’s Books in Portland. He discusses what clubs he was in during college, when he decided to pursue comedy and jobs he had during that period.

The following videos are the other parts of his talk in Portland. He talks about working for Jon Stewart and Conan O’Brien, and “If I.”

Here, Demetri breaks down exactly why he’s unhappy about his one-man show “If I” on youtube. In summary, BBC3 pulled a group of random people from the street for the audience, so he’s bombing for an hour, on a very strange red stage. None of this would matter, of course, because it only aired twice on a very small British network, before anyone even thought about a youtube. Then youtube happened. He had the video pulled twice then decided it wasn’t worth pursuing anymore. Now it’s his most popular video.

Demetri lists his comedy favorites and influences. There’s the obvious, like Steven Wright. He’s also a fan of Bill Cosby, Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, Louis CK, and Dave Attell.

Demetri dreams of writing a movie that he can direct. He goes on to talk about coming up with Important Things episode themes, and mentions that Comedy Central wanted him to maybe do an episode about racism instead of chairs. Which explains a lot about Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time.
This isn’t a video, but one fan posted this recap of his experience, which made me laugh. “A guy asked why one of the jokes was funny. Really.”
If any more videos pop up, I’ll be sure to post them here.

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