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Future Projects

About another book

“Following the success of ‘This is a Book,’ Martin had two additional book projects green-lit. The first consists mainly of illustrations and drawings, planned for a fall 2012 release, and the second is a collection of short stories and essays.” (source)

About his animated series

“Demetri Martin is putting together an animated pilot about ‘a family that runs a roadside attraction in the California redwoods'” (source)

About Will
his upcoming movie

“It’s [a movie] about a man whose life becomes extraordinary when the guardian angel writing his ‘script’ accidentally doesn’t show up for work. It’s called Will, naturally.” (source)

“I met with Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (‘Little Miss Sunshine’) who are signed on to direct it and Paul Rudd and Zach Galifianakis are attached to it and I’d be one of the characters too. They were just trying to sort out people’s schedules and financing everything. I guess if we’re lucky, we’ll shoot it this summer, and if not, then maybe next winter. Who knows? Hopefully, it’ll happen, but I’m definitely learning a lot about Hollywood and how much needs to come together for a movie to get made. I’m pretty happy with the script. I worked hard on it. I think it’s worth being shot at least so we’ll see.” (source)

“I first thought of the idea in 1998, a year out of law school. Fast-forward to 2004 and that’s when I got to pitch it to Dreamworks. And they bought it. I started writing it and I handed in a draft that year. Then I did a second draft and it kinda went away. But last year an executive left Dreamworks, went to Paramount, and he brought my script with him. Then Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s company got involved and they attached themselves to it. So I did a draft for those guys … Uh, it’s kind of a long story.

It’s a live-action comedy, but not really two wacky or anything. I’m trying to learn how to write stuff that could be a really good story, but then has really funny things happening in it, as opposed to a bunch of sketches just linked together loosely. I like the idea of a real story.” (source)

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